Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day of Babies, Nephew and Cakes

Yesterday's MOPS was a little different. Another group came in and did an educational parenting class. This meant extra kiddos to be watched. Mom volunteered to babysit for this week. (She decided that the potty training, etc classes weren't really what she needed;) ) She unfortunately has a bit of a chest cold. In order to keep as many children healthy as possible, she took my big kid class and I went into the baby room. I love babies. It was so therapeutic to sit and just hold and love on babies. I didn't even mind that most of the time the chunker in my lap was fussy. Ah, babies:)
We got to talk to this little guy, who is not so much a baby anymore, that afternoon. Hi Ansel!! Aunt Sissy loves you!! Our chickens have come back from Bermuda, as mom says. They are pitiful layers in the winter time, but apparently they see Spring coming. We've had plenty of eggs this week.
I decided to help in the cause of getting rid of eggs by making an angel food cake from scratch. I've only made an angel food cake once before. It was from a box mix...and it was a flop. I've never seen such a FLAT angel food cake.
I was determined to succeed in this WIT endeavor. Hehe. So I whipped out the Betty Crocker cookbook and away we went. (By the way, I'm thankful for the invention of electric arms ache just thinking about mixing it by hand:S )
The next dilemma was what to do with the yolks. Mom was perfectly fine with throwing them away, but I was on a roll! So, I thumbed through to another page in old Betty and found the pound cake recipe which calls for only the yolks.
I actually made a double batch in order to use ALL the yolks. One cake loaf I turned into chocolate swirl. Yummy cake.
Look, it worked!!! I was probably overly excited about the angel food cake, but there you go...I'm a dork. It even tasted right.
Quinn enjoyed it too.

Here is a picture of the beoef bourguignon mom made this week. It was fabulous!

Thank you for joining me for "cooking with us"! :)


  1. Wow--those foods look soo yummy! I wish I had a family to cook those things for! I usually dont' bake b/c there is only roommate and me!

    Thanks for the CARD, by the way! Just got it yesterday!!!!

    LOVE YOU! And..I will write back!


  2. I could hear the grumpy baby next door to my room...but who am I to talk? We had two kids on tag-team screaming for 2.5 hours. :-) But still, it was fun. MOPS always reminds me how nice it will be to have just ONE at a least for a while.

    The angel food cake is swell! You go, girl!