Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Conleigh!

We got to meet the newest family member on Sunday!! My cousin had a homecoming/birthday party for our sweet Conleigh! It was so wonderful to get to meet her.

It is always nice to see everyone else too:) Hi Kenson!

She blew out the candles and chowed down the cake like a pro! I guess the smaller orphanage that she was at tried to always have cake and a little party for each of the kids.

Mom made this adorable name sign for her birthday. Isn't it precious!?!

She was pretty quiet most of the time. The kiddos did play together in the toy room.

There were gifts.
Kenson got plenty of attention too;) Hehe, so cute wearing Grandpa's shoes.
After several hours of activity...she was out!
I can hardly wait to see them all again soon:)

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