Thursday, March 18, 2010

Insert Solemn Face.

I am in a funk.

It isn't always too pretty.

I want to wail and complain.

Okay, so I do wail and complain here to my family...but it usually ends in giggles and snorts because I sound so silly.
I started another new project.

It was an impulse buy, the yarn and the pattern book.

I am making a baby afghan/blanket.

It isn't for anyone...I want to keep it for myself.The bottom picture is more true to the color.

I've messed up numerous times, started over once and due to my unperfectionistic tendencies...I'm not starting over again or fixing the minor details.

It has mistakes, more reason to keep it rather than to bother someone else with it;)
I'm ready for a change.
Or maybe I'm just hormonal:S

P.S. And it isn't the weather. One of my pet peeves is how EVERYONE complains about the weather, rain or shine. We've had 3 glorious days this week and the only thing anyone mentions is the fact that it might rain/snow tomorrow. I just want to shake people and say, "Shut up and enjoy today!"
That wouldn't be very Christ-like of me though. So I try not to even think it...most of the time:(
I'm in a funk.

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling funk-ish. :-( If you ever want to have a sleep over with me, I have four nights a week available. :-) The knitting project is really cute. You are brave!