Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Beef Canning Time!!

We had the jars.We had the recipe.
And we had the meat.
That can only mean one thing...BEEF CANNING TIME:)
I have delicious memories of home canned beef. We haven't had any for several years now. Last year though...we had Juicy Steak. Juice Steak was our lovingly named heifer that we fattened up and have since been enjoying. The packer even cubed up some of the steak and separated it by approximate "canner fulls." Hurray!
I let mom do the dirty work for the little canner full. The big canner full was mine, complete with faces, sound effects, giggles and shivers. (You should be there when I'm cutting a whole chicken apart:S)
Anywho, this is so super easy. We put the beef in the jars, poured the hot water over the meat, got rid of all the air bubbles...
...and stuck them in the presser cooker:)
Mom took the task of waiting for the magical stream of steam to appear so the timing might begin.
While she did that, I took the hoodlums out for a walk in the sunshine. Yes, I said sunshine...we haven't seen it in awhile:)
And guess what we had for supper!
Yummo, yummo, yummo!

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  1. Haha about cutting raw chicken apart. I get the willies just thinking about touching raw meat. Eeew.