Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Amazing Little Sister

I have been blessed by having a little sister. When I was 16 and had pretty much given up all hope of getting a baby sister...I got one.
I was floored.
I love living here and being a part of her life, watching her grow and mature. She's begun piecing the quilt for her bed. It is so nice to be working side-by-side on the sewing machines, working on our projects. She already has three rows done!Like others in our family, Brenna LOVES to read. Often when she is not responding to a holler and you can't seem to locate her, she is off somewhere deeply enthralled in her book.
She has been blessed to be homeschooled in this area. It took her longer to learn to read.
In public school she would have been stuck in remedial reading...now she thrives.
I love my little sister, she's amazing!
What a gift from the Lord.
Hehe, Miss Amelia came and taught us some dances at AHG last week.
So fun!
Satan continues to throw curves at me, but with Christ I will stand firm.

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