Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nice Picture, Eh? Haha.

This picture has nothing really to do with anything. It's a cute piggy though. We saw him at the Scarecrow Patch last fall. Might be bacon now;)
We went out to cut and haul more wood this afternoon. Wow, we're nuts. If anyone asks where I get my crazy, silliness I know. My family is so great, we have a ball together. Anywho...back to today. The five of us were crammed into the cab of the pickup as always, but this time we had roadtrip snacks. Haha, didn't know this was considered a road trip, did you? :)
Last weekend when we went to Lincoln we stopped in GI for gas and snacks. We kind of have a tradition of getting Cheetos brand cheesy popcorn when we travel. They didn't have ANY! So sad, we were. Then today at the grocery store they did have some. We deemed today a "road trip" day :D The kids then insisted on getting a snack of their choice. Back to the full cab.
Brenna had a bag full of Fruit Loops and Quinn a box of fruit snacks. (What can I say? We're both fruity and cheesy peeps!) Mom was holding tightly to the bag of popcorn. We started out down the road and we all decided it was time for felt differently. She was being ornery and holding tightly to the bag in the crook of her arm. Hehe, there was a bit of pressure on the bag and then...

...I pinched it. POP!!!! The bag popped, but not on the top:) Haha, it shot out the bottom and caused much laughter. We didn't lose a lot to the floor, but the bag was empty very soon.

Story of the day #2:
It always makes me cringe when oldish folks blame their age for forgetfulness and the like. I must admit that I often have problems like that. Ask the managers at Runza about the missing Cauliflower Cheese soup magnet! Today was another such "episode."
We were working away, dad cutting, mom and I chucking the wood into the trailer and small stuff into the truck bed. As dad moved to another tree and mom backed the truck up I walked out of the way and took a breather. As we settled back into chucking I noticed something. I was only wearing one glove:S Why? Can't tell you:S
We'll just put it this way, I spent the next 10-15 minutes looking for that stinking glove. It happened to be the same color as the browned grass also. The longer I looked, the sillier I felt. I just kept saying, "Oh, my!" I even said to mom, "Who is going to want a forgetful and senile 26 year old?!" Haha.
Finally, finally after I started to work again I caught sight of something brown among the kindling and tender in the truck bed. There was my glove! Wow. I still have no recollection of it coming off my hand! Yikes. Sometimes I fear I'm an oldish person in a youngish body:S


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  1. Did you know that Catholics have a patron saint of lost items? I believe it's St. Christopher. (If I'm remembering what my friend told me.) In theory, I so appreciate that: we need God so much we stop to pray for our lost items. I cannot tell you how often I have frantically searched for an item that I just had five minutes ago!