Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Only Have One

I love to be there for people and listen to people who have no one to lean on right then. It can be very hard though at times. I see the mistakes and I want to fix them, to help them through.
I recently found JJ Heller and I really like her music. This song made me stop and think.

Only Have One
by JJ and David Heller

Nobody knows which way you’ll go
I can’t control you
I pray tomorrow is brighter than today

I should not try to live two lives
I only have one
I only have one
You have yours and I have mine
We only have one life

I watch you make the same mistake
You learn the hard way
I pray tomorrow you will hear
What love has to say


I try to hold you with an open hand
You run away
You’re faster than I am
I can lead you to the water
But I cannot make you drink
Is it too much to ask for you
To simply stop and think

I too often get frustrated with helping others. I know that they need Christ and I try to point them to Him. I cannot make their decisions, live their life and find peace for them.

And so I pray and continue to be a friend...



  1. Yeah, I totally know what you mean. It's not easy to just listen when you want to SOLVE! That has been one of the hardest things for me about being married...when Steve has a "problem" I know just what he should do to fix it. It's hard to let God be the one who solves the problems, but He is the only one who truly can!

    Anyway, I do think that people like you who are willing to listen are so desperately needed.

  2. That picture is STUNNING!