Thursday, March 04, 2010

To Lincoln We Went:)

We've been trying to go to Lincoln and visit my great aunt and cousin since Christmas. Yikes, that 2 1/2 months ago! Last weekend we finally made it there. Aunt Zelda loves to cook for us and this trip was no different. Brenna was quite the little helper too. I'm so proud of how she is growing.
Going to Lincoln also means an opportunity to see Seth and Julia. They had a Flea Market on their to-do list for the day. We parked next to Mr. G ;) and joined them in the junk rummaging. Books are my mom and I's weakness at these type of things. We made out like bandits with a huge bag full of books for only $8!! Yay!
Quinn and Brenna were thrilled to see Izzy the ferret. Interesting little creature, she is.
Sethie is now officially a professional piercer. So...if any of you need some extra holes put in let me know:)
We don't have broadcast TV at our house and don't really miss having it. People keep asking me about things happening in the Olympics and I have to tell them...I haven't watched any of the Olympics in years. Well, we got our "taste" as we watched a bit of the program before the closing. Yup, that was plenty.
Mom, Dad, Brenna and I played a game of Scrabble while we were there. It was intense.
This was Mom's reaction to the fact that...Dad won.
On our return to the land of homeness we stopped at Hobby Lobby. I really like Hobby Lobby. It was good that I really didn't have any money to spend. I did however get my Bunco prizes bought. Hehe, I can't wait for Bunco:)
They had some pretty sweet (and brightly colored) paper umbrellas. It is fun to visit, but it is also nice to come home. Ahh, home:)


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  1. Ansel and I really enjoyed the photos you took! Thanks for sharing! He loves to name everyone in the pictures and talk about what you are all doing. :)