Friday, April 09, 2010


We dyed eggs.
Quinn lost a tooth and made a grotesque face.
We had fun.
I made my first strawberry pie.
I made devilled eggs.
There were only two to egg hunt.
They didn't mind being the only two to bring in the loot;)
I got Curious George fruit snacks from Gma. I think Curious George is ADORABLE!
So are baby calves. (They bawled on the door, MOOOOO)
Dad and Dan oversaw a game of lawn bowling.
There were many "land mines" in the game. The loser then had to pick them up after the game. Hint: The land mines were left behind a pooch;)
Jared and Grandma surfed the web. Genealogy.
Dan tried to sell this scooted to Quinn.
Mom and I quilted.
Brenna gave foot massages...and a few tickles :)
We had a blessed Easter.
How about you?

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  1. Dye-ing eggs is so much fun. I tried to make some homemade dye with food coloring and the effects were...interesting. But it was neat, overall, and I got Steve-the-Non-Crafty involved. We figured that next Easter we will have a 10 month-old. Eeps. Should we let him/her dye eggs?