Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ladies Playing Games

Like the ears? :)
I believe mom bought these so we could take a fun picture for Easter, to send to my nephew. We never did:S
Doesn't she just look cool? We wore them one night though. We are fun like that.
I may have "twisted her arm."
Crazy eyes!!!
I love that I can laugh with my mom. I love that she is my best friend. I love that she doesn't require "performance" to earn her love. She pretty much rocks!
Back to the ears.
When waters are troubled, and they are at present, I tend to not want to be involved. I like to hide away in my own little world and hope the calm returns. Oh, the Flesh.
Anyway, I was "co-hosting" our church ladies game night...and I thought mom and I needed some laughter to get us started. Hence, the ears.
Not that you can tell from their faces, but all the ladies had fun. Everyone laughed at least once:)
Haha, and Twister WAS PLAYED!!!
I fell over:S Someone needed to take a picture:)


  1. Love the ears! And the Twister.

  2. Sorry to hear that the waters are still troubled...thinking of you...