Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lions and Bears...No Tigers.

There are babies, babies, babies coming in my circle of people.
You saw the fish I made for Amelia's bean. I also made her a teddy bear.
Somehow I managed to only get this picture, sans tail and facial features. My sister's sweet. I just put this one up for sweetness factor:)
Since I was able to "handle" the double-pointed needles for Mr. Bear I thought I'd try a cute little lion too. Looks a bit like an alien without his ears and such.
Much better!
He's such a little cutie.
And he even has a tail.
What's next?
It's always a surprise!


  1. You are VERY talented!

    -yer big bro

  2. It is always a surprise! I like your picture of the bear, though. It's artsy! ;)

  3. Sheree Slagle8:01 PM

    And look out, she bought more yarn today!!!