Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Archways and Tender Scalps.

We took a field trip this week!
The Great Platte River Archway....(there is more to the name) had a special event about the Pony Express. We and several other home school families made the trip.
Brenna ran up to the buffalo upon our arrival so that I could take her picture. As you see here she didn't do very good at posing, instead she ran back and said..."The buffalo is SINGING!" Haha, there was a speaker playing music near its head. The day was so perfect for an outdoor activity. We didn't realize just how much outdoor time this was going to take. Needless to say, my scalp where I part my hair is a little tender:S
This lady did a fabulous job explaining all about the Pony Express. She did it all standing in front of "her" "sod house." It isn't an actual sod house due to certain guidelines and regulations for safety or something. Hmm.

Quinn was thrilled to see that some BOYS he knows were there. These are three of my Star War fanatics from MOPS:)
Brenna enjoyed time with her friends as well. Girls seem to be in plenty with the home school group in our area:)
There was a Pony Express game planned as well. I let the other grown ups aid the giddy children. I chose to sit and photograph, chat with and watch out for some of the little people.
Rachel wasn't too impressed that her badge didn't actually affix to her person.
We watched as the kids ran thither and yon across the grass on their stick horses.
I love little people:) Every time we walked very far I had a different one hanging onto my hand. Children are such sweet blessings.
Go, Quinn, go!
After the long and arduous game in which Quinn's team nearly won, they did some "chores."
They got water from the lake, but no one was interested in drinking it. Well, almost no one;) They are kids after all.
They also shook up some butter. Funny thing is, most of the kids from our area do or did have a cow and actually saw this as a chore.
Lydia did well.
Thank you Great Platte River Road Archway Monument Thing Over The Interstate...
We had a great time!!

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  1. This looks like fun! We've never been to the arch because it seems to be rather expensive for what actually is involved, but having more of a "field trip" experience sounds neat.

    A singing buffalo would freak me out.