Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Birthday For Quinn

This birthday required multiple cakes.
Here is cake number 1!
This one was for our little family party.
And here is the birthday boy. I can't believe he's 8!
He insisted we "dress-up" for the occasion. And now you see how quickly my little sister is catching up with me. Can't you see the 16 years difference?!
Two of his gifts were the sort that must be put together.
I usually end up with that task, first time around. He remakes them later:)
The cake is a Lego block. Can you see it?
Cake number two was more simple. This one was for our Sunday evening Bible study group.
And today we had a green Lego block for his "boy party."
A pinata is always fun.
Dig in!
How fun birthdays are!
Mine is next:)


  1. Looks like fun, wish we could have been there! I could have relieved you of your Lego assembly duties :)

    Love you,


  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    What fun! Did you make your dress? It's adorable. :)