Monday, May 31, 2010

Bunco and the Bakery!!

This is Stacy, she's my dentist. She was so kind and comforting at Bunco the other night. I'm grateful for those who wanted to encourage me after a tough week.
Hehe, we like to chatter at Bunco. There are times where chatter gets a higher spot than actual game play. I had to take a picture of one of the "hold ups" as it happened.
Here is the classic, Clara-at-Bunco picture!!
This is Tami, she's sad about her 9 and 9 record:(
We played this month at a Bed & Breakfast in town. Everyone had fun checking out the brochures about our own community;)
After Bunco we all headed down for a sneak peek at the new BAKERY!!
Do you recognize anything?
There is my rooster up among the others:)
And Miss Charlotte was there to greet us! How sweet:)
The bakery actually opened on Saturday and boy are the goodies good!


  1. Okay so the bakery is in your town? I was thinking Bow. And I didn't know Tami played Bunko with you. Wow! The things I have learned with this post!

  2. I'm excited about being permanent at Bunco! (And I love the Nothing song that was on your playlist when I checked in here this morning.)