Thursday, May 06, 2010

Getting Crabby ;)

We weren't pet shopping.
Quinn and I actually inadvertently came across the aquatic creatures.
It was love at first sight. Haha.
Meet the Fiddler Crabs of Wallyworld.
Brenna has a hermit crab named Hermie Horace Tuttle Slagle Jr.
Quinn wanted a crab too.
So who now sits on the island...?
His name is Fiddler.
He has had a traumatic go at his life here atop the hill.
We thought we would put him in the frog aquarium...
Mom had to save the poor little lad from the jaws of a crazy she-frog.
Put him in his own aquarium and next thing we know, he's floating upside down:S
Thanks to the Internet we soon found out he needed SALT water.
With that remedied, he's thriving.


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