Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Chef Berwyn

On our weekend trip to Lincoln, I introduced the family to Food Network.
(We don't have broadcast television...we watch what we have or what we find through Netflix.) thing we watched on Food Network was Iron Chef America. It was so cheesy and yet fun to watch. The kids loved it!
The other day they decided to replicate the show on their own. I suggested they make cookies since it is a relatively known recipe or two for them.
Quinn wanted to be known as the Wooden Chef...notice the wooden spoon.
Brenna, very intent on her ingredients.
(This was followed by, "What is cream of tartar?")
Brenna chose Snickerdoodles, and Quinn went with No-bake cookies.
Hard at work.
Yummmm. The results were delicious and no winner could be determined.

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  1. We like Iron Chef America too. You really need to watch the original ones, plain old Iron Chef. They are all in Japanese with Japanese accented voice overs...