Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Rooster.

Meet our rooster. Good friends of mine are opening a bakery very soon. The decor is to be chickens. I decided to get out the old acrylic paints and try out painting a rooster.

The kids have been really interested in painting so one day while they did, I did this much. I never paint with much of a plan.

Truly it sat for a few weeks just like that. I was afraid to actually start the silly fowl. Then some drama and stuff came up. I was upset by it and frankly, quite angry. Some times I wish I could knock people's heads together. Anywho...I took out my frustration on this fella. The frustration was great!!

Finally, yesterday I decided he needed to get finished as the bakery is closer and closer to being open. This was close to being done, but it seemed to be off balanced with the wire and stuff. And don't look too closely at his feet...they look like boots, too thick:)

I put the paints down for awhile and thought I'd wait a day or two, but nah...
Now, he is all done! Hurray!
It is rather ironic that I painted a chicken. As I've said before, I don't care for chickens. Oh, dear.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Alissa, that is beatiful! You are so very talented.

  2. wow! You did a great job painting that Chicken! Maybe the hajdas will have you do all the chicken artwork for the bakery!


  3. Sheree12:36 PM

    Bock, bock, bock (or however you spell chicken noises!) What fun! And GOOD job! Love ya!

  4. I totally <3 this!! Thank you SO much!