Monday, May 03, 2010

Ode to K-OJ.

K-OJ and I have been friends for a LONG time now. There are so many stories to tell, so many memories to cherish.
She has been an encouragement, a fellow fun-maker and most of all an awesome example of Christ in my life. Hehe, look at how little we looked, all fresh-faced.
Thank you for being such a swell friend, dear Kristen.
Hehe, I found some of these old ones Shilo took.
We were just goofing about in a lounge at Grace:)
The plastic snake someone left there was quite the entertainment.
As were the geometric shaped "benches."
I love you Kristen!
We met up for breakfast last week. She had a plane to catch.
Back to England she went.
Our senior year of high school I decided not to go to prom unless a male personage asked me as a date. No one did. A few nights before prom I was at work on a crazy evening.
I cut my finger with a box cutter and needed stitches.
It was a bit of a mess getting a hold of my parents and getting to the hospital.
While I was there, Kristen and Tori showed up with a gift. They had made me a "prom night entertainment box" and tried to take to me at work...where I was not.
So instead they brought it to the hospital. Tori held the lamp for the doctor and Kristen held my hand. :D


  1. One of my dearest college friends is the one who didn't flinch when I had my wisdom teeth removed, came to her room with a numb mouth, and promptly managed to loose my bloody gauze out of my mouth and onto her pillow. She just picked it up, threw it away, and gave me a hug. And she probably doesn't even remember that but I sure do...

  2. I remember when you sliced your finger! I forgot about the prom box though! Good times! Thanks for your ode to k-oj! Love it!