Friday, May 28, 2010

Park Time

Woohoo, finally a Sunday with no cold, wetness.
Quinn was excited for his birthday AND a chance to go to the park.
This piece of equipment is AWESOME! Mom doesn't agree and neither does Lisa...but I loved it!
I'll be nice and not post mom's turn;)
Check out the slide!
Haha, the slide isn't so much a good idea in a dress. I was trying to hold my camera and hold my dress down at the same time...I simply plopped right out of the end on my hiney. Ouch.
We had a nice little go at all the "attractions."
Brenna and I are definitely sisters. While we were there we both told mom that we want to move there...unknowing that the other had said the same thing.
We also visited the Dowse Sod House, which is always a treat.
And what did we find out in the middle of nowhere!!!!
A marker of historic proportions.
Joshua agrees that it is jaw-dropping awesome to live in Nebraska;)


  1. I just don't like that piece of equipment when I see a three-year-old who can't walk flying eight feet in the air!

  2. Haha, that is a perfect picture of Joshua.