Friday, May 14, 2010

The Revolutionary War Performance

Brenna and Quinn participated in the home school group's production on the Revolutionary War. It was such a spiffy performance, blew me away!
Isn't Quinn adorable in his little costume?!
I didn't realize it was going to be such a production. The kids and mom kept pretty quiet about it and I never heard them practicing. Notice Quinn's body on the floor...he only agreed to be in the play when he heard they needed people to die:)
My only involvement was to outline the backgrounds for them to paint.
Brenna played Paul Revere and in this performance she was also Thomas Jefferson.
Haha, this picture makes me laugh. This is Paul Revere riding through on his famous was a bit too fast for me to catch;)
Thomas Jefferson.
The whole crew.
They were FAB!!!

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  1. Sheree11:02 PM

    Paul Revere riding through accompanied by some ...marvelous...hoofbeats....
    ahem! It WAS fun!