Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Slagle Adventure

Last weekend we saddled up and headed to Lincoln. Our plans got changed several times before we left. We'll just say that an 8,000 person marathon causes hotel issues;) We actually ended up staying in York. The kids loved getting to swim in the pool and I officially hooked them all to the Food Network. It is probably a good thing we don't have tv:)
The reason for the adventure was to see these two cool kats. Sethie's birthday was last week and so we brought them gifts. We got to see their new apartment and the kids were thrilled to see Izzy.
I'm still not sure about her...not quite like having a cat running around.
The plan of attack was to picnic/grill at Pioneers Park.
Off we went...remembering what streets NOT to hit due to the marathon:)
Do you see what I see?
I got them a little charcoal grill for Seth's birthday.
So before we could eat we had to assemble.
It was a multi-person activity.
Then we let dad at it with the charcoal and a lighter! Eek!
(He's so sweet, after we finished he took our hot charcoals over to some other picnickers who weren't having much luck with theirs.)
Yummo, steak strip fajitas.
Right about the time we started to eat some rain clouds blew in and we got sprinkled on. Seth borrowed my jacket and then they matched:) How cute.
While we cleaned up the kids and the other kids;) went over to the playground.
There was a big Indian statue on the hill and the kids really wanted to climb up to it. It is an older Indian, because mom remembers playing around it when she was young;)
We viewed the Indian in typical Slagle fashion.
Fan the flames, Sethie!
Brenna has a pretty good face going on there.
Quinn is our little adventurer, he pulled us all along a nearby trail.
They were stragglers.
Aren't we cute?!Look what I found...a four-leaf clover, actually TWO!
It was a loverly walk. And a loverly afternoon with Seth and Julia.
After we parted ways, we decided to venture over to the columns we had seen upon entering the park. First, we walked around one pond.
Then we watched many a turtle as we walked around the second pond.
Finally...we made it!
I'll tell you about the columns later...they are pretty spiffy.
It has to do with my love of historical things!


  1. I missed seeing you on Sunday. You should come on over some evening. :-)