Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Love Birthdays!

I love birthdays!
This is what I got for my birthday...a stool:)
I really like the retro style, my Grandma has one.
I worked on my birthday since I'd already taken a day off that week. It wasn't too bad.
Mom made me a cake and Grandma came over for supper. We just had a nice, quiet evening.
I also got the rooster mug. Haha.
The corn I planted is coming up!
And we have PEACHES!!
Back to my birthday, here are my birthday clouds.
I hadn't planned any party or get-together for my birthday because we usually have Bible study at our house on Sunday afternoons. I figured that would double, by just having some cake.
Well, at some point it was decided not to have it that week...I was sad. I didn't want to bother people by asking them to come, when they had all decided not to come already.
My mom rocks! She knew I was sad and so she secretly invited them all over for cake and ice cream. I did figure it out before they arrived, but the "nearly surprise" party was so sweet:)
Vanessa and her family are a part of our Bible study and her birthday is the same as mine. Soooo, we had a joint party just like last year:)
Miss Annie helped us blow out the candle:)
She was just excited to have CAKE!
Hehe, what fun!


  1. I love that kid. (And you, too.)

  2. Happy Birthday, may this year be your best!

  3. Thank you for letting Anne share in your birthday fun! I am so happy that she loves you as much as I do! :-)