Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Memorial Day Adventures

My family likes Stuhr Museum in Grand Island. The last few years we've gotten the family pass so we can go to events throughout the year. I actually have to pay to get in since I'm an adult, but it is worth the money.
This year we went to their Memorial Day festivities.
Awww, aren't mom and dad cute?!
They had exhibits from the wars throughout America's history. For the present conflicts a helicopter was part of the exhibit. We misses seeing it arrive, but got to look around inside.
Hehe, the kids couldn't quite get this one to fire;)
We learned how to shoot a musket! It was all very interesting!
We learned how to fire a cannon and got to watch that take place...very cool.
Quinn is attending the summer school down here this week. He's learning about the outlaws of the early American days. While there for Memorial Day he checked out all the possible places to rob, including the train;)
Stuhr Museum had a service and a new monument was dedicated. I'm glad we were able to be a part of that memorial service.
Then we put mom and dad in jail!:D
And before heading home we got to watch the helicopter take off. I really liked that too. Altogether, we had a lovely day!

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