Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary last week. Wow!
I made them a card:) Hehe, thanks photojojo for the idea.
I had an opportunity to be a blessing this past weekend. I went and watched six of a friend's children so she and her husband could see a family member in the hospital. I'm glad that kids don't normally come six at a time. Haha, we had a lot of fun and I'm so glad that I went!!
I stopped at this historical marker on the way. I've already gotten this one, but the clouds were dark and ominous so I took a picture anyway:)
It was cloudy on my way 1.5 hour trip home as well. I needed a summer drive.
Hehe, I got home in time for a Father's Day "celebration."
Brenna and Quinn wanted us all to play a series of games together as a family in honor of dad.
They are so precious!

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  1. I'm glad kids don't come six at a time, either.

    See you tonight!