Thursday, June 24, 2010

Play Ball

We watched "Blindside" a few weeks ago. The kids don't get the crazy amount of sports that most kids seem to get. Hehe, this means football isn't something they know a lot about.
So, after watching the movie they created their own version! So fun!
The game is begun by each player standing with toes on the line, the ball (imagine the water gun is a ball) in between the two.
At the blow of the whistle or after a countdown the players take three steps backwards.
They then lunge for the ball and RUN!!!
Haha, that one kept them occupied for quite awhile:)
Arthur watched safely from indoors.
I will say that the kids have a slightly better grip on the game of baseball. So we got out the bat, ball and one glove for a nice family game.
I must say, when you play with only 5 people it is quite entertaining to know who is in the field and who is on base.
We enjoyed a very fun evening:)

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  1. like the pics! MAN! It is REALLY green there! You must be getting a lot of rain!

    Have a great weekend!