Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Week of Fun

Where do you think these two could be headed?
Stuhr Museum, we are back again:)
The kids each took a summer class this week, Brenna took a homemaking class in the 1890's and Quinn....
...he took an outlaw class:)I went down with mom for the last day, the instructor of his class said something interesting might happen in Railroad town at 2pm.
We were there and excitement ensued!
The gang tried to rob the depot.
The lady screamed and they shot out of that depot like greased lightning, Quinn and some others were under the train and off running before the others could even get out!
Haha, they all got caught and thrown into jail:) It was hilarious!
They soon discovered that their instructor was working under cover for the sheriff and had tricked them. Then they all promised to turn from evil to good and he made them deputies.
I love feeling like you could go back to those days.
Next time, I'll share about Brenna's week:)
Do you see here WAYYYYY over there on that porch? ;)

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  1. Sounds like somthing Zach and Luke would like to do! Love the picture of the church! That's where my aunt and unlce were married!