Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stormy Nights.

Late yesterday evening as I was sipping tea with my nephew, a bit of a summer storm blew into town.
It left this in its wake, as well as pouring rain into our basement. We really need to get the wood chute and the windows fixed:S Mom had a bucket catching the stuff in the wood room and I wielded the shop vac.
This morning I took a few pictures of the damage. These are the remains of the potatoes.
And this, sad day, is our sweet corn:(
One apple tree split.
Hehe, and lots of ice was still left on the ground.
Both cars got dented, mom's lost a headlight and mine has a lovely sunburst crack in the windshield.
This evening we also got a little bit of a storm. Thankfully, it was a little milder.
It left a beautiful rainbow instead of the hail.
The clouds eventually passed over and we saw the sun for a bit longer.
Praise the Lord for the promise of the rainbow. Never again will God flood the entire earth.

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