Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Projects As Of Late

The end of June I was commissioned to do a quilt.
It is coming along quite nicely, smoother than I had anticipated.
It is a quilt made from ties, this particular project being from the ties of this lady's father.
I am actually prepared to begin on the hand quilting now:)
I bought this fun fabric with this dress in mind. I hadn't a real reason for making it, but then remembered an upcoming wedding. Yay!
I've also done a bit of knitting. I made another monkey as a gift for my sister to give to a friend on their birthday. I also made another sheep as a baby shower gift.
Friends and siblings requested these two.
My latest actual finished project was this wallhanging for bride of said wedding.
I did my best to imitate the font on their invitation.
My best friend from high school got married:)
It was beautiful!


1 comment:

  1. Alissa, your projects are beautiful! I esp like the cute little animals!!!

    I may be interested in ordering one for Ivy in the future!

    love, tori