Wednesday, August 04, 2010

To the Fair

I love the county fair!
I have such fond memories of the event. And now I get to be a part of it all over again with my little siblings. So cool!
This is the cake Brenna made, with my "assistance." I'm not sure if I'm good at assisting with that type of thing. I had to go sit down on the stairs for a few minutes just to take a deep breath:S
We had a lovely time at the parade! Aren't these some adorable little people?!
Brenna didn't do horse this year, so no animals to take to the fair...except.
She showed her cat and hermit crab at the small animal pet show.
I'm such a proud big sister, she won Best of Show for the entire show:)
One of her posters and some of her baked goods get to go to the state fair in Grand Island!
Brenna didn't show her horse, but Peanut still got to enjoy the festivities:D
Our friend Margaret needed a substitute horse to show and so Peanut was there.
What fun at the fair!


  1. Sad I always miss it now! Ethan is home in Bow now and has really been enjoying it :). You could stop in and say hi while he's there! They're leaving for Los Angeles next week sometime for Kayla's wedding, and then Eth heads straight back to Afghanistan.

    Have a great day, Liss!

  2. Ahh the fair! Love it!

  3. Thanks to the dear Slagles for loaning Peanut to Margaret!!