Friday, September 03, 2010

Always Productions

My little siblings LOVE to put on shows for our family. Sometimes they even make tickets we are required to show at the entrance to the living room!
Well, the day I came back from Ohio they had a variety show all lined up. I'm blessed!
Haha, the know my dislike for chickens. They made sure to include them in the show:)
Brenna danced to some classical music. She's super excited for next week to come, she's enrolled in a dance class.
Quinn played some glass cups filled with different levels of water.
Then this week they came up with a show that they requested we take down to the school so they could do it on a stage. We are trying to sell the school so it is probably a good thing they did it then.
Any guess of what their show was about?
Haha, it was about the black plague. Yes, you read that correct.
Quinn had the garden cart and yelled, "Bring out your dead!"
The body looked scarily like it could be real. Don't worry it was only fun noodles tied up in the blanket.
They burned the clothes of the dead.
Then Brenna shared with us some facts about the plague.
They are some highly entertaining siblings;)

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