Thursday, September 30, 2010


Monday was the day!
The homeschool group hit the Scarecrow Patch.
Hurray, Harriet says:) I couldn't whittle down the pictures too much, so much fun!
Haha, the fowl are fenced in.
The zipline = very popular.
Also very popular is eating lunch cooked over the open fire.
It always makes a hot dog taste better.
Mom and I made it through the confusing corn maze.
She tried to scope out the pattern from above. It didn't help us out.
Don't hit me, Brenna!
Meet Lolli the goat.
Hurray for slides.
The wagon really wasn't big enough for the whole group, but we squeezed ourselves on! Time to pick out a pumpkin.

Lolli could get out quite easily which caused many a child to pick her up and hold her:)
I opted out of this one, it would show you how close they both are to catching up with me. Eeek!

Another lovely thing about the day were the babies.
Say hello to two of the adorable little faces.
I somehow missed getting one of Anthony, perhaps if I hadn't been holding him I could have gotten one:D


  1. Awww...makes me want to homeschool just to be part of a fun group like this, going on fun outings like this!!! =O)