Monday, September 13, 2010

The Seneca "Adventure"

Last Saturday evening the family journeyed out into the sandhills of Nebraska for an adventure.
As volunteers at the Sandhills Scenic Byway we were invited to this event.
Tanking was to take place at 4pm,
Supper in Seneca at 7pm, and
Star gazing at 9pm including the sharing of a telescope.
And so we headed out to Seneca, NE for supper. (We chose to fore go on the tanking this time.)
Seneca is located just off of the highway...or off the edge of the world it would appear!
It is beautifully located along the river, down in the valley.
We arrived early and so took in the sights of Seneca. Well, there aren't any. Sadly, it is becoming like so many small towns out here. We did enjoy their little park.
And Quinn thought the jail was spiffy.
It was complete with a commode!

We ate in the only business in town. A few locals were there, but no group of out-of-towners as would be from the byway group.
After eating we headed just north to where we were told the Sharon Hughes ranch was located.
Just north would indicate only a short drive...we went at least 5 miles beyond Seneca hoping to find the ranch. Nope.
We did see some zebu and water buffaloes though. Odd, I know:S
It was absolutely gorgeous (amidst our confusion and frustration) to drive out in the sandhills.
When we hit Cherry County we turned around and headed back to Seneca.
A drive through town again showed no signs of extra persons and so we headed back for home.
The kids cried and I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.
We watched the stars on the 1.5+ hour trip home.
We also laughed alot. There isn't much on the radio between here and there at 9:30pm.
Oh, the memories.

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