Thursday, October 07, 2010

Before December:S

Last month my mom sent me a link for this:
Hmm, a contest...with great prizes.
I decided to take the plunge.
The drawback was that you had to purchase all fabric and batting from Joanns and have proof of purchase. Also...the deadline is December:S I'm up for a challenge, though!

This is a pattern that I bought over a year ago and was determined to make at some time. I think it is really pretty, as are most of her designs. Check them out at Anka's Treasures.
Have you ever tried to pick out fabric randomly online? :S
I don't get out of town that often and really not often to a town with a Joanns.
The hard part was that the fabrics are not displayed as a line or anything, just random fabric designs.

This fabric I chose as my inspiration.

The fabric finally arrived this week, all but one more dark blue, and I've been cutting away.

Last night I even got a block done:)
Actually TWO!
This, is going to be fun:)


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