Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quiet Evenings, Throbbing Head and Adorable Siblings

Whew, long title;)!
I had that wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. OUCH! Still living on tylenol and ibuprofen, but it is improving. Check out the size of that tooth! It left a pretty big hole.
I've tried to stay nice and relaxed...but not quite this relaxed;)
No, I worked on that quilt challenge. I've also had extra time for it because Brenna and Quinn are gone every evening this week. They are participating in the Missoula Children's Theater, The Princess and The Pea.

I finished all the star blocks!
Now to get them into formation.
Living on soft foods. Graham crackers are good for little ones to mouth to death...and me too:)
So glad for the cold sensitivity to be gone though!
Oh look, I nearly have a corner!! Yay!
Aren't these two just precious!
They both got rugby style shirts the other day...and wanted to match:)
Oh, how I love those siblings of mine!

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  1. Need to have my top set of wisdom teeth out sometime...your picture doesn't really motivate me at all....