Friday, October 15, 2010

So Close To Finished!

Wednesday was beautiful! Warm weather, blue skies and a cool breeze made for fabulous opportunity.
I couldn't pass it up...even though the quilt isn't quite finished. I went ahead and got some pictures taken of the tie quilt.
Wow! I haven't ever really stepped back and taken in the whole quilt. I like it!
I did a Fleur-Di-Li (sp?) in the middle, not that it really shows up but it is there.
Such a fun quilt:)


  1. Alissa, that quilt is exceptional :) LOVE IT!

    You are so talented, and make beautiful work.

    love, tori

  2. This is insanely gorgeous. I even had a dream that I was gushing about it to somebody. I'm so glad I handed this project off to you!