Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Refinish Or Not To Refinish.

This fabulous piece of furniture has been in my possession for a few years.
It has been quietly sitting at the school waiting to be transformed. It did come with the treadle machine, but sadly the machine was beyond help.
You can't truly tell from the picture, but the top was a bubbly, dirty and stinky mess. It sat for many years in an outdoor shed and I'm sure many a little vermin climbed on it and "used" its surface.
Since we are selling the school it is time to take care of the lovely table. I began with the top and a heat stripper gun!
It is quite satisfying to watch all the stinky goo come right off!
To do the job right I'll probably have to take it all apart again and sand and repaint the iron parts. Now meet Aunt Gladys! I'm thinking perhaps she will be able to sit in the treadle table. Aunt Gladys is electric, but will look quite nice on the pretty wooden treadle cabinet.
We won't worry her about to difference in brands...she's a Singer, it's a Domestic:S

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