Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Little Things

This is my piano.
I got it from a family who just didn't have the room for it anymore.
We don't actually have room for it in our house either, so it has been located in the school since I got it.
We are selling the school.
I'm no closer to having a home of my own to place the piano in. Hmmm....
So I have been praying about a place for my piano. Knowing that God is in the little things of my life, I prayed. The piano came out of the school and has been sitting in the back of a horse trailer for awhile now. We haven't had any snow yet, either. I finally purchased another BIG tarp and was making plans for wrapping it up outside.
Then, my prayers were answered:) Last night my piano moved to the local bakery owned by friends! I am sooo excited! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in ALL things:)

1 comment:

  1. Now it will probably snow. I'm sure if you would have left it out all winter, it wouldn't have snowed...:D