Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nevada Road Trip

We got in our van and headed to Nevada.
We passed through a lot of these.
In order to see these faces:)
Played some games.
I got this tutu for this lovely little one.
A trip to Scheel's. Ma couldn't quite reach his boogers;)
We headed up the mountain to sled...snow chains appeared to be required. Go men!
He loved the snow!
She wasn't so thrilled with me in the snow.
Weeeee, it was fun.
Big brown eyes.
Quinn was crazy for a hike. We humored him.
It was quite a hike.
I got to see this beautiful, dear friend! It's been too long.
I knitted. There is nearly a sweater.
These were on the other side of Salt Lake City:S Wyoming posed miles upon miles of fog:S
We made it home, safe and sound:)
It was a Merry Christmas!


  1. Sienna is SO BIG!

  2. Love the picture from our store!

    Matt L.

  3. Lovely pictures! That sweater you are making is gorgeous as well!