Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Quilt...Tis Finished.

The day before we left for Nevada I had to work. I hurried home to take pictures of my completed creation. As you can see, it was beginning to get dark out already!
Taking pictures to show the quilting was harder than I had anticipated.
I really like the way the stars turned out. I did them in the blank space around the outside.
I was a good girl too and did my best to make the points meet. I'm usually more "whatever" in my attitude about those details. I try, but don't go back and fix those that don't turn out quite right. Not so, this time.
I do wish it hadn't been down to the wire, though. That certainly makes it more stressful.
We dropped the pictures into the mail on our way out of town the next morning.
No matter the outcome of the contest...I love this quilt:)


  1. Patty Maring5:47 PM

    You are AMAZING!! What a gorgeous quilt! Well done, m'lady!

  2. Wow, Alissa! That quilt is AMAZING!!! Good work!

    --Jenny D.