Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tis The Season

The year has gone by so fast.
Once again we are staring the Christmas season in the face.
How will you take it?
I enjoy the holidays, but mostly I so love thinking on my Savior and how humbly He came to this earth for my sins. I greatly need the salvation which only comes from His sacrifice. Don't forget that this season.
I still sing in the community choir. We only had one Christmas performance this year. I had the solo I did last year. I enjoy singing together with the choir.
Quinn and I made cookies. They weren't for Christmas and there certainly aren't any left.
We got our tree on Sunday! This is our contribution to land owner's in the area, we help with a little bit of their cedar problem;) Haha!
Is it too wide?
Dad just likes to cut 'em and run.
The kids and I just want to explore.
They were tickled to "ice skate" on the trickle of a creek that had froze over.

We even found a tree to cut the top out of and put in the school room.
I'm working like mad to complete the Joann's contest quilt. Late hours. Soon, very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck finishing the quilt! Loved the pics :) I always wished I could have gone out to actually pick out a tree and cut it when I was growing up. Somehow going to a tree farm--even if you cut it down--is no the same as going out and searching for a tree.

    love you.