Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Productivity.

We were supposed to go to Lincoln on Sunday. But, the snow came and we weren't even able to go to church. I was so productive!
I started out deciding on a sashing fabric for my strip piece quilt blocks.
This was choice #1: rather subtle yellow.
This was choice #2: a bright canary yellow.
I decided that the blocks were already bright and crazy so I might as well continue with the bright theme. #2 was the winner and I think it turned out as a great choice. Now I just need to come up with another outer border and some backing!! (the sashings were going to be wider but I didn't have quite enough fabric.)
I actually finished this next project late Saturday night so that Quinn could wear it Sunday. He did wear it just not out of the house:)
He has been pestering me for months to make him a suit jacket. His inspiration came from some cool matching silver buttons I had. I had a pattern but lacked the fabric until I had the idea of using some of my saved up denim.
Here is the finished product:
The vent only pulls open like this when he shoves his hands down in the pockets.
He is such a goober:) The pattern was a size 10 and it fits just right, he can't grow much though.
I used this fun English Countryside fabric for the lining. The sleeves I left unlined. My lining pieces were not fitting the way I wanted so I just left them out.
I purchased a couple of pre-cut 5 in. squares at the Cozad quilt shop on a little trip I took with friends last month. Being already cut, this top went really fast.
I'm in love with the way this little quilt is turning out.
And finally I finished the binding on our new tree skirt.
I made this the day after we returned from NV. However, I didn't finish the binding.
Yes, it went under the tree and served its purpose...unfinished.
I'm glad to have it done and put away for next year:)
The fabric for this, except the solid looking green, were purchased at the same quilt shop on the same trip. Such loverly fabrics:)
I'm not much of one for applique, but I sucked it up and put ornaments in the green sections.
Ahhh, what a productive day:)
I didn't have to go to work yesterday due to the snow.
Unfortunately, I was not quite as productive. We'll see how today goes...another day off because of no MOPS.


  1. Like all of it, of course! I'm so glad to see the string quilt. I love the idea and have a bag just for skinny little strips. (And i have a huge bag of velour/velvet pieces that I keep thinking might make their way into such a quilt.) Did I tell you I got a new sewing machine? It's really nice. Lots of decorative stitches and it embroiders too! I just made a hat/scarf set which I really like but have to finish putting on the finishing touches.

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Go, Alissa!