Monday, February 07, 2011

Family Weekend!

Hurray for birthdays!!!
Conleigh turned 4 last week and we got to celebrate with her Saturday night.
What a spunky little one she is!
Hmmm...not so much spunky this time;)
Kenson really liked the "blue cake."
Jared just liked playing withe the toys...hehe.
We skyped with the folk in India also. Ansel had lots of fun "shooting" us with his water gun that had no water in it. The things that entertain 3 year olds can be amazing:)
I also made out like a bandit and I wasn't even a birthday girl.
Grandma brought over fabric for Kayla and I to split.
Kayla brought these:
They are beaded necklaces made by people in Haiti. Check out
Very cool!
Then yesterday after a lovely day of learning and fellowship at church, a blustering time cutting and throwing firewood, and some supper we watched Secretariat. That was a great movie!

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