Saturday, February 19, 2011


This week has not been one for focusing on much of anything. My brain is a whirlwind that I'm striving, with the Lord's help, to keep on the ground. I am thankful for my job in that way. It is good to work in a place that gets busy and requires atleast "auto-pilot." Sitting at a desk job by myself would not be helpful, too much blank time. I haven't even been able to sew or knit. Haha, maybe that is what I need...therapeutic crafting. The kids at Super Kids Club do distract, yay.

Sleep has been lacking too in the last two nights. I wish there were an off switch to the brain sometimes. But, God is so good and although I am feeling unfocused and kind of bleary...I'm at peace.

I've been doing a 31 day picture challenge thing on facebook. I thought it looked like fun. I have greatly enjoyed looking at old pictures, trying to find just the right picture for each day. Making decisions can be very hard for me. I want to pick just the right picture. We'll see if I make it to day 31:)

Here is a quote from Oswald Chambers in my devotional this morning:

"To believe is to commit...

...Will I surrender to Jesus from the real center of my life, and deliberately and willfully stake my confidence in what He says? Many of us use religious jargon; we talk about believing in God, but our actual life proves that we do not really believe one-tenth of what we profess."



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  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Yea! for therapeutic crafting! Maybe both of us can work some in this week!