Thursday, February 03, 2011

Maybe We're Crazy?

Maybe we're crazy or we're just that awesome.
Our Keepers and Contenders Club has stepped into our first ongoing activity...doll making. I guess I should clarify, the girls are doll making.
Mom and I are heading up this expedition.
At our last meeting all we did was faces. To earn the badge they need to paint a face and embroider a face. So we let them learn both and decide which to use for their final doll.
This project may take us awhile:S
Several of the girls had never done embroidery before.
The younger girls got to make yarn dolls instead.
We sent them in a room with the non-sewing leaders;) Hehe.
It ended up going a lot smoother than I anticipated.
We'll see what happens when we add sewing machines into the mix:)
We put the boys in a room too...playing with leather!
P.S. I do not believe that my quilt is a finalist in the Joann contest. It has been nearly a week since the on/or about date they gave for contacting winners. I am excited to use it now.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    You're amazing. Hugs ~Cindie

  2. Sheree4:04 PM

    Yes, the girls are doll-making...WE are just crazy!