Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, Hairy Day!

Yesterday morning Brenna and I woke up a little early. She wanted me to curl her hair for church. So I did:) Isn't she beautiful?

When mom woke up we actually decided not to drive in the icy/wet conditions to church. So I think I'll probably be curling the hair again soon;)
Later in the day Brenna came running into my room.
"Alissa, Quinn was struck by LIGHTNING!"
Then this walked in:

Haha! She spiked his hair up with gel. It looked even funnier later when it had dried.
I spent most of the day sewing a dress from a pattern I bought and haven't tried out yet.
I used a random fabric, simply because there was enough yardage to do so.
Hmm, it doesn't look too bad with the shrug on but it definitely is not what I was going for. The box pleats are fun, not that you can really see them. I still need to hem it, fix the zipper so it opens (I'm not a fan of the invisible zipper, never works) and fix the under arm pooching that is so nicely hidden with the shrug.

Feeling the need to more successfully complete a sewing project, I made some super easy pajama pants. I even matched my plaids nearly perfectly...without trying. Crazy.

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  1. The Dress you made is beautiful, ALissa! I love that I have a friend that actually can sew the skirts you made for me a few years ago :)

    Hope you're having a great week!