Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Cool Little Siblings

These guys are taking up archery in 4-H. There is a meet this weekend so their leader brought them some bows and arrows to practice with.
They hit the hay bale!
I however was coming to watch and take pictures when I slipped in the mud.
My pants didn't get muddy at all...because I landed on a log. So, we'll say I waddled over the rest of the way to take pictures. Ouch.
Hehe. They killed it.
The Top of the Hill School received a real microscope in the mail yesterday. It is quite the hit!
It came with some pre-made slides. There was a lot of, "Alissa, look at this!" going on:)
I found them out building a snow fort last week when it snowed.
Such clever people, they are.
The fort didn't last for long...melted far away.

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