Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunshine and Snow.

A lot of people are beginning to get that lovely spring fever which comes with spring-like weather. There have definitely been some of those days. Haha, today however is not one of them. It is snowing and snowing outside, so much that I am not at work. It makes me ever so thankful to live in Nebraska. The seasons will always change:) Just not as soon as some people think it should;)

Nebraska's birthday (March 1) was one of those spring-like days. It also happened to be one of my days off. The kids and I headed to the park.
There was some rollerblading action. Brenna's feet now only fit in my rollerblades so I simply laid in the sunshine and took pictures.

Once they had tired of that we went over to the gazebo.
The kids were playing prisoners of some sort while I fiddled with my camera.
Look what I can do!
I really like the retro setting I found.

Soon we were back on the playground to swing and ride "horses."
It was a beautiful little adventure.
And a great way to celebrate Nebraska's birthday!

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