Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Like Projects!

My siblings went to the Kid's Fair on Saturday.

They came home with these spiffy new glasses;) Haha.

I had more fun with them than they did!

These two pictures are really to show you the ugly paneling that is in my bedroom.

I'm sure that was the first thing you noticed about the picture;)
Haha, anywho...I decided to tackle the project of painting my bedroom. There is not a window in my room and so it has always seemed like a brown cave. NOT ANYMORE!
It even looked better with just primer!
Our whole house is paneling...brown, brown, brown. YUCK!
Here is the final result.
I decided to just do an off-white color to lighten the room up.
I also really wanted to hang my cherry wallhanging up! It was alot of work, mostly because I didn't take any furniture out to do the painting.

Hurray for the completion of projects.

Here is another project I recently finished:

I took my newly acquired capability of crocheting and made a small afghan using leftover yarn I have from other knitting projects. Fun, fun!



  1. I LOVE the paint job!!

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM


  3. Alissa,

    Your room looks GREAT!!!! Awesome job! Your room looks much bigger now and it reminds me of a cottage room...anne of green gables/prince edward island....NICE!