Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kids Say...

Kids are so funny! I love getting to work with them and hear the things they say. The downfall is, they aren't mine:( Some of my kiddos are moving away and that just makes me sad.

Here are a few anecdotes from the past few weeks:

I was pushing some kindergartners on the swings, mostly underdogs. J asked for a push. As I got ready to push she yelled, "Will you give me an underWEAR?!" Haha!!!

Walking by the kiddos playing by a muddy area on the playground I hear E yell: "No, don't EVER touch a pregnant worm!" Hahaha!!!

Yesterday someone said something about not liking cats. I replied that we have three cats. T says: "Are you allergic to them?" Me: "Um, no. Are you allergic to cats?" T: "No, but I always sneeze when I look at the sun!" Hehe.

Sitting on the bench with E and we see another girl's dad drive up. E says, "Hey, is that Thompson (name is changed, but this is only his last name)?" Me: "You mean Mr. Thompson, Em's dad?" E: "Yeah, my dad just calls him Thompson." :D

This one was actually Quinn. Mom was ill one night and slept in Quinn's bed. That meant Quinn got to sleep with dad. He is a major cuddler and would sleep with someone every night if you let him. The following night he said, "Can I sleep with dad again?" Me: "No, mom is going to sleep with dad." Quinn: "That is NOT fair, she gets to sleep with him EVERY night!"

Life is funny!


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