Thursday, May 05, 2011

Extending the Adventure.

Upon leaving Patty's house last weekend I talked the kids into extending our adventure:)

There were 2 lonely little historical markers down in Franklin, NE and we were about as close as we could get without driving down there specifically for that purpose.

Clara, Kristen and I have actually visited this one. We decided it would be fun to stop anyway.

And we got to say hello to the animals:)
It was a truly beautiful Sunday afternoon.
This farmer took that opportunity!

Brenna and Quinn were both getting pretty hungry by the time we actually got to Franklin.

They were on the verge of "whiny." :S What we found I think made up for it.

Quinn couldn't get out of the car fast enough when he saw the tank and the plane.

It was a neat display.

Oh, they are funny aren't they?!

The second one was less exciting.

And finally, on the way north we drove past a marker near the interstate. Hurray!

I love historical marker hunting!

I loved sharing it with the sibs.

I feel the need for another trip soon.


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  1. AH! I love historical markers soooo much. You are just the coolest lady, you know?